Free Event Registration

When planning your free event it can be difficult to keep track of how many people are attending and to communicate with the attendees. Snap Up Tickets makes it easy by offering free registration for free events of any size!  Whether for bar events, theater shows, sports activities or even just a party your event will be free as long as the ticket pricing is zero dollars. A ticket will still be sent to the attendee with all your specified instructions regarding the event such as a map, event info, and even a bar code. You can even review your … Continue reading

Welcome to Snap Up Tickets!

Welcome to Snap Up Tickets exclusive blog! We are pleased to announce the launch of our innovative online registration system called Snap Up Tickets. We’ve developed this website for you with the aim to create, manage and share your events effortlessly. For any event, whether its entertainment, business related such as conferences, trade-shows or conventions; Snap Up Tickets is designed to start it off in a snap! Snap Up Tickets is the ultimate user-friendly website with many customization options to make your event page your own. Up to eight images can be loaded onto your page with the option to … Continue reading