Linking your Snapup Tickets Page with other websites.

Snapup Tickets provides quick and easy HTML code for linking your ticket selling page within any other website.  Of course you can use a simple hyperlink, but within your events submenu on your admin dashboard, simply click “Integrate to Website”

Events listOnce you click Integrate to Website, Snapup can generate a button link code or a text link code.  Simply insert this code onto your page and you’ve established a link between any site and the Snapup Tickets selling site.  There will be a number of additions to these features in the coming months, including a plug-in whereby clients can actually select their ticket type from within another webpage before moving on for secure payment processing at  Providing easy access to your ticket sales page is an important part of marketing your event.  Quick button links like this as well as an array of social media marketing can ensure a successful ticket buying experience for your event attendees.

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