It takes just 4 Minutes to Start Selling Tickets Online!

How easy is it to set up a ticket selling page with Snapup Tickets?  Well, the video below shows it only takes about 4 minutes to get up and running.  Snapup Tickets provides the event organizer with a quick and easy template-just fill in the details and you are set with your own URL to promote your event and sell tickets. The create event page is a single page which captures your event details: Event Title, Description, Location, Time, Ticket Types, Payment Gateway, Sales inventory, Sales dates, Waiver info and Graphics.   Snapup Tickets works with multiple currencies, provides various … Continue reading

Event Check-in Module at a Glance

Snapup Tickets has released a quick and easy checkin module to the system back end which facilitates ticket verification and attendance tracking.  A very easy tool to use, you can simply touch checkin button for each ticket as they arrive.  A search field accomodates searching by name, scanned ticket numbers or ticket keyboard entry.  The system works great from a tablet or mobile device. Ticket verification is an important tool for larger events.  Because Snapup Tickets prints the purchaser name on each ticket, the opportunity for copying is greatly reduced.  That being said, Ticket verification as well as attendance tracking … Continue reading

Integrating Snapup Tickets plugin to your website

Snapup Tickets now makes it easier than ever to integrate your ticket sales page directly onto your website.  With the click of a button, snapup tickets can generate the HTML code for you to simply plug into your existing site providing you with an iframe window of the ticket sales page.  This plug in gets people buying tickets faster and makes the ticket buying a very simple process from your website, selecting tickets through to the payment confirmation on Snapup Tickets. Sample Code:   This plugin allows you to share your event and facilitate ticket sales directly on your own … Continue reading

Linking your Snapup Tickets Page with other websites.

Snapup Tickets provides quick and easy HTML code for linking your ticket selling page within any other website.  Of course you can use a simple hyperlink, but within your events submenu on your admin dashboard, simply click “Integrate to Website” Once you click Integrate to Website, Snapup can generate a button link code or a text link code.  Simply insert this code onto your page and you’ve established a link between any site and the Snapup Tickets selling site.  There will be a number of additions to these features in the coming months, including a plug-in whereby clients can actually … Continue reading

Golf Tournaments with myConferenceSuite’s my ERS Event Registration System

Are you running a golf tournament?  Need to collect registrations and payment? D. E. Systems’ myConferenceSuite, a complimentary product to Snapup Tickets has customized Golf tournament templates you can use for your next tournament. The system is easy to setup, accepts payment by credit card through a multitude of payment gateways, including paypal, moneris, beanstream,, Chase payment tech and a host of others.  The system is fully customizable but includes fields for registering single golfers, foursomes, hole sponsors, special dietary needs, miscellaneous donations as well as club and cart rentals if needed.  myConferenceSuite also has built in social media … Continue reading