Planning a Successful Fundraiser

Fundraising events can be a very helpful tool to increase your fundraising efforts. Whether it is a sport, business or charity fundraiser, obtaining donations can be difficult and time consuming. Creating an event and having all your supporters in one place is a great way to raise money while having fun at the same time. Where to start? Here are some helpful guidelines to host a successful fundraising event: Planning Planning ahead is important factor towards a successful fundraiser. What is your cause? Define it and create goals for how much you would like to fundraise. Choose a date, theme, … Continue reading

Free Event Registration

When planning your free event it can be difficult to keep track of how many people are attending and to communicate with the attendees. Snap Up Tickets makes it easy by offering free registration for free events of any size!  Whether for bar events, theater shows, sports activities or even just a party your event will be free as long as the ticket pricing is zero dollars. A ticket will still be sent to the attendee with all your specified instructions regarding the event such as a map, event info, and even a bar code. You can even review your … Continue reading